Ferula Hermonis Honey Zallouh “The next big thing in your love life”

Ferula Hermonis Honey Zallouh
“The next big thing in your love life”
A personal invitation to experience and familiarize yourself with a product from another level from the world oftherapeutic plants.
Ferula Hermonis Honey Zallouh
Honey Zallouh is considered a stimulant of the circulation system and sex drive. According to research, the Zallouhplant and the honey it produces can be used as a natural substitute for Viagra and for those who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction – it is suitable for both men and women.
Honey Zallouh is an original, hand-made product from “Medicinal Perfume” that has received Kosher certification from the Beth Din. As a boutique honey, it is available in limited quantity.
Zallouh – Ferula Hermonis is an endemic plant that grows on screes from Mount Hermon, at an altitude of 2500-2800meters. It also grows in northern Lebanon and the southern Hermon area in both Israel and Syria. The plant bloomsfrom May to August and the flowers are bright yellow. The meaning of the Arabic name is “hairy root”.
The plant parts used include: root, those picked in the summer, seeds, and inflorescences.
Traditional Medicine: It was customary to cut the root and collect the remaining resin. Today, it is used for extracting alcohol.
The plant is considered a stimulant, tonic, and primarily an aphrodisiac for men and women alike. Lebanese doctors and pharmacists report a 100% success rate in treating male impotence (erectile dysfunction). Lebanese shepherdsreport that the plant has had a positive impact, as they have noticed an increase in the sexual and reproductive activity of their sheep herd.
Directions/Instructions: Half a teaspoon for at least 40 days, preferably two hours before the activity.
Honey Zallouh has the following nicknames: Jars of Desire, Syrian sexual potency, honey of desire, honey Viagra, and honey sex.
Quantity: Small jars of 130 grams (in volume) or large jars of 330 grams (in volume).